Wednesday 21st June 2017

Major outage

We are investigating an issue with OpenCorporates websites and API.

15:00 UTC - The issue is still ongoing. We have identified the area of the system causing the issue but as yet have not been able to fix it.

16:12 UTC - We are beginning to restore service now.

17:18 UTC - We are struggling to bring up the services.

17:44 UTC - We are experiencing connectivity issues between our infrastructure and the internet. We are continuing to investigate and will keep updating here.

18:53 UTC - We have confirmed with our web hosting provider that we are experiencing an unusually high level of inbound traffic. This is saturating our network and preventing normal user requests from being accepted.

19:13 UTC - Our web hosting provider has confirmed it was a denial-of-service attack. They have now started filtering it so normal OpenCorporates service has now resumed. It's possible the attacker may alter their approach and cause further problems. We will continue to monitor. We will provide a full report in due course.