Tuesday 5th April 2016

OpenCorporates Outage in progress

18:23 - Front-end services are now back online. We are still working on some back-end storage services.

17:21 - Front-end services are coming back online now, but we are unable to service the number of requests that we need to currently, so some requests are still receiving error messages or timing out. We will continue to work on this.

16:37 - We expect to have front-end services restored within 30 minutes. Once again, we thank you for your patience.

16:25 - We are now working to fix file system corruption on one of our core storage volumes for virtual machines.

We are investigating an ongoing outage of our website and will provide a further update as we are able.

We have identified a problem within our storage services that is affecting our virtual machine hypervisors.

At the moment we are actively working on restoring this and we thank you for your patience.

17:45 - systems partially recovered. Expect partial outages to continue while we continue restoration work.

19:07 - major systems recovered. We will be working on bringing back full performance and turbot ecosystem tomorrow.